Arbogast Buzz Plug Floating Buzzbait Fishing Lure

Size: 2 7/8"
Color:: Multi
Sale price$5.99


  • UNIQUE FLOATING BUZZBAIT: allows you to pause near structure to tease fish into striking lure
  • PROVIDES SURE HOOK-SET: When paused, the front blade portion rises out of the water and positions the hook just right
  • FISHING TECHNIQUE: When retrieving at a constant pace, the Buzz Plug produces a wobble and can be worked like a twitch bait
  • DOUBLE HOOK DESIGN: The upturned double hook makes the Buzz Plug nearly weedless; Allowing anglers to throw it onto sloppy weedbeds or into heavy cover and bring it back without snagging
  • TOP WATER FISHING: Buzz Plug ideal lure for top water fishing
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